"Join the Club"

Problem: How do you create and brand a new club for RIT students in a way that will be interesting and attract new members?

My Solution: By creating "Noodle Connection" a club based around appreciating noodles, it can  reach many people in RIT's diverse student population and be a point of common ground. 

"Join the Club" is project based in the Branding & Identity Class (VCDE 732) through the Visual Communication Design program at Rochester Institute of Technology. The goal was to create an brand and identity for a club or association, then implement the identity in a mock website and social media platform. 

Logo and brand elements created in Adobe Illustrator; Website animation created in Adobe After Effects

Stock photos are from Unplash.com; laptop and Instagram mockups are from the Figma community 


Social Media



Digital Sketches

Logo Refinement & Lockup